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Product Details:

WALSH CRF450R 2012 Hybrid Kit

Price: $8,600.00

Using a 2009 or newer Honda CRF450R EFI engine the 2013 hybrid is a blend of the best technology available.

We are trying to get this page 100% up-to-date with proper pictures of the parts included in the kit, but for now please read the details because the pictures do not match the price, for example the engine is not included.

The $8600 PRICE SHOWN HERE INCLUDES all the mandatory WALSH parts to complete the build; Frame $3000, Subframe $600, A-arm & Tie rod kit $1500, Steering stem $300, Handlebar clamp $100, Savior swingarm & Linkage & Chain guide $1500, Fuel tank $600, Kicker extension $200, Pivot bolt $75, Huge intake filter kit $175, WALSH/DASA Exhaust $600.

WALSH Optional parts; spindle/hub studs $100, foot peg studs $200, skid plate $80.

You may send your water pump cover and upper radiator hose inlet to be modified and we will include that in the price, but we do not supply new water pump cover and upper radiator hose inlet. 

WALSH Engine upgrades, head porting $425, valve job $125, CP piston kit $275, Crower victory camshaft $400, Hinson steel clutch basket with cushions and starter gear $384.95, Inner hub & pressure plate $569.95

HONDA CRF450R 2009-'13; Engine, countershaft sprocket, fuel pump, throttle body, wire harness, fuel tank cap & seal, upper motor mounts (2), lower motor mount bolt, kick start lever, clutch perch & lever (Works Connection recommended), clutch cable.

SUZUKI LT-R450 2006-'9; Steering arm assembly $148.37- steering arm 51653-45G00 $82.84, bolt 09106-08129 $3.20, o-ring 09280-20004 $.99, bushing 51661-31G00 $23.04, seal 51662-31G00 $10.68, seal 51663-31G10 $15.99, washer 09160-14062 $2.03, nut 09159-14027 $8.61, cotter pin 04111-2020A $.99.

Steering stem/frame clamp assembly $63.76- bushing 51678-31G00 $8.89, front clamp 51670-31G00 $22.38, back clamp 51673-31G00 $15.99, bolt 01550-0865A $2.49(2), backing plate 51680-45G00 $11.52.

Front right lower motor mount 41911-45G01 $165 (2)

Front left caliper 59300-09F20-999 $300, front right caliper 59100-09F20-999 $300

Front brake master cylinder, front brake lever

Rear caliper 69100-45G00-999 $400

Rear brake master cylinder, rear brake pedal.

Rear brake caliper mounting plate 69721-45G00 $157.60, snap ring 09380-72003 $10.32

Left spindle 51240-45G10 $214.71, right spindle 51230-45G10 $214.71

Air box, air boot 13881-45G00 $54.42

Front fender brace 53210-45G00 $140.58

Rotor guard 69232-45G00 $26.18

Seat latch assembly

Caliper mouonting plate, bushing, clip

Front 2nd swingarm chain slide

8 A-arm bolts,

2 Front upper shock bolts

2 Front lower shock bolts

If you would like to purchase a complete 'ready to ride' 2012 Hybrid from Walsh Race Craft then the following parts we will be used;

Fox float-x evol front shocks $1495, podium-x rear shock $895. 

PEP PB1 front shocks $2000, ZPS rear shock $1050

Front shock length 19.500", Rear shock length 17.5625", Wheel travel 11.0"

Fluidyne radiator $484.95

CV4 Radiator hoses $60.95

Pro-Armor Revolution nerf bars & heel guards $429 (silver), bumper $89 (silver), grab bar $59 (silver), kill switch $40. 

Axcaliber axle $399.

LSR axle carrier $184.95, sprocket hub lock nut $231.95, disk brake hub $142.95, front hubs $ 298.95, rear hubs $235.95

FASST Flexx handlebar $349.95

Spider grips $15.

DWT champion in a box front wheel, rear wheels $440.

Maxxis Cross front tires, RAZR rear tires

Quad Tech seat base-foam-cover $525, Beak $95

Precision pro steering stabilizer $540 (standard $485)

Streamline front brake lines $99, rear brake line $45, (2) front rotors $179, rear rotor $89.95, (2) front brake pads $57.90, rear brake pads $28.95.

Regina non o-ring chain $80.

Vortex rear sprocket $40.

Moose 1st swingarm chain slide $42.95, upper chain roller $14.95, lower chain roller $14.95

Maier front fenders, shrouds, tank cover, rear fender $

Other parts provided from Parts Unlimited might be available, call or email for details.

The future of ATV / QUAD performace is about to be reborn by the very same manufacturers who revolutionized the ATV / QUAD the last time it was done. 'When was the last time?' you might ask. Well 1999 was the last time, when Walsh Race Craft developed the YZ400F four stoke powdered quad riden by Harold Goodman. Harold went on that season in a long hard fought battle with Kory Ellis for the 4 Stroke Pro-Am National Championship and Harold won it! beating out Kory on the Leager's YZ400F, and this is when the ATV / QUAD motocross scene was revolutionized. However shortly after Harolds debut year on the '4 stroke hybrid' Walsh Race Craft with the inspiration from Doug Gust developed the Suzuki DR-Z400 powdered ATV / QUAD, with Doug Gust making the effort on the rider portion the Walsh/DR-Z400 went on to be the first four stoke ATV / QUAD to win an AMA GNC Pro race and it was later used by Suzuki in the development of their LT-R450 and is rumored to live in Japan at the Suzuki factory to this day.

Though Walsh Race Craft has been setting the standard in performance since 1997 (when we sold our first TRX-250R frame and components to PJ Chesson, who went on to win the AMA GNC 250A class that very season) we really made our position know when we started with the 4 stroke powered quads. We have been working with US Highland for the past year and with the recent development of their 950cc V-Twin powered ATV / QUAD we have some special new technology and now the 2010 CRF-450R will carry over some of that influenced special technology.

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